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Corpus Data & Image Analysis AB is a provider of consulting and training services. Our main area of expertise is multivariate- and hyperspectral imaging / spectroscopy, based on visual- and interactive statistical analysis. We understand industrial and scientific customers - how to assist them in accessing new and powerful visualization technologies that are easy to use. We help protect the applications development investments that our customers have made over time.


The goal for CD is to attract customers in the Healthcare- as well as in the Industrial Imaging Business for the product offerings.  CD designs, sell and offer consulting services and solutions for exploring huge data sets of multivariate and hyperspectral images, e.g. from NIR and SWIR cameras. The solutions from CD let the customers classify and quantify the content of the image per pixel using multivariate data-analytical techniques. The created models can be saved and re-used for automatic prediction of unknown data.

NIR camera for rapid sample inspection based on hyperspectral data-analysis


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