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Corpus develops Multivariate- and Hyperspectral data-analysis methods for a wide array of imaging modalities. The example above illustrates a Near Infrared (NIR) Imaging experiment.


Corpus Data & Image Analysis AB is a provider of consulting and training services. Our main area of expertise is multivariate- and hyperspectral imaging / spectroscopy, based on visual- and interactive statistical analysis. We understand industrial and scientific customers - how to assist them in accessing new and powerful visualization technologies that are easy to use. We help protect the applications development investments that our customers have made over time.

EU Projects

Corpus is an SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprise,) and therefore eligible to participate and / or apply for EU funds.

Corpus is open for collaborations within IT / data-analysis related projects.

Corpus has participated in several EU projects, involving experimental design planning, data analysis, and data presentation work packages. In general, Corpus can analyze and interpret any large data sets, and help present them in the most useful way.


Scientist needed?

We offer lectures, research planning and development.

Training and courses

Corpus can organize short (1 day) and longer (up to 1 week) software assisted courses.

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